Anomaly X arrives tonight.

But where is The New Wave? Lakshmi is grounded, and a suspicious teacher from a mysterious boarding school is set on taking her brothers away. Alex's dad is back, but a reunion will have to wait because Mr Living's secretary has a stack of books for the young author to sign. Without a grenade gauntlet, Jack will have to turn to relics from Bullwark's dark past to safeguard Halcyon City's future.

The countdown begins...

Zombies and dragons and knights, oh my! Vastly outnumbered and overpowered, it’s time to get creative. Will the Magician be able to keep his identity a secret when challenged on Alex Matthews lore? Can Adaptaur make portals big enough for dragons? Can Shikari fight for justice and protect her brothers? With the lives of thousands of convention-goers at this year's HalcyCon on the line, The New Wave are going to have to be smarter than ever in order to save them all.

The day of HalcyCon is upon the team, and our three heroes find themselves deep within the throes of nerd-dom. Jack pitches his standalone T.V. series, Lakshmi struggles to keep track of her precious younger brothers, and Alex tries to find his flow without his sister by his side. This all seems simple, that is until a worldbuilding panel gets a little too literal.

Is a victory still a victory when it doesn’t feel like one? Lakshmi and Alex, faced with the disturbing reality of Bullwark’s Under Prison, must decide what being a hero truly means to them. As for Anomaly X, well... that can wait. HalcyCon is right around the corner and our heroes desperately need some rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, as always, Halcyon City has different plans for them.

Harambe memes aside, two teens trapped inside a gorilla enclosure is never a good beginning to a mission. With mystics and portals at their disposal however, The New Wave has little to worry about. Adaptaur, Shikari, and The Magician need to find Mind Meld sooner rather than later, and with a zoo full of creatures and an unknown amount of minions it’s a race against the clock before disaster falls.

Adaptaur and the Magician have switched minds. Shikari is out of costume... and luck. The wicked septuagenarian: Mind Meld and his gorilla goons are locked in combat with The New Wave and Rav's mutant iguana. But why is Mind Meld in this Indian grocery store to begin with? What is his evil scheme? And how will our heroes bring this washed up supervillain to justice? Tune in to find out!

July 11, 2019

Issue 04 - Repercussions

The guilt from failing to stop Trevor the iguana lays heavily on the minds and hearts of Shikari and Adaptaur. The consequences of their actions loom ominously over their heads as they regroup with The Magician, leading them to question their team dynamic. The ensuing tension forces Shikari to make a foolhardy decision. Will her decision affect the team, the mission, or both?

With The Magician's powers magic so obviously out of control, he and Adaptaur head off to the esteemed Rook Industries in hopes of finding a way for him to fully control his powers. As our young hero doesn’t even know the source of his own magic, the gravity of the situation may far succeed even the fears of Bullwark. Meanwhile - feeling a little outclassed - Shikari takes to the streets to in order to find an answer to a question she didn’t even know she had.

When The Magician loses control, he really loses control. Shikari and Adaptaur are going to have to think on their feet in order to limit the collateral damage. How are they going to stop the Gattling Wasp before it does any more harm? Will these young teens be staring down the barrel of a figurative gun, or a literal one? The choice is entirely up to them.

June 20, 2019

Issue 01 - The New Wave

The dawn of a new age brings with it the dawn of a new generation as The New Wave is unleashed upon Halcyon City. Puberty is hard enough as it is, so adding ungodly monsters and villains into the mix is sure to spice things up for our young heroes. It’s their first mission alone; will these three heroes have the stuff?

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