Saffron is on a cultist slaying rampage, and if Maja can't stop him then they'll both soon be facing down the much greater threat of a Neko at full power. Rudy's rescue mission into the Broom Closet leads to a much deeper conspiracy buried underneath the island.

December 18, 2020

Report 23 - Phoenix Download

In the aftermath of Clampy's demise, Saffron is given the chance to rise from his digital ashes into the world once more. With Rudy held captive by cultists, it is up to Maja to retrieve Saffron's cold corpse, and prep it for resurrection. With time running out, and enemies closing in, there is no guarantee for success.

December 10, 2020

Report 22 - Goodbye Clampy

Rudy, Dash, and Mobile Saffron make their daring escape from Kaur Manor on the back of their giant hermit crab. Peaches pursues them on her crotch-rocket. Together they sow mayhem through Ganymede Student Village while Maja and Bhavneet plot bloody revenge against the people responsible for trashing her home. The end is in sight for our detectives, and it looks like there'll be a cabal of cultists and cleaners waiting for them when they get there.

Our detectives' dinner plans at the Arts Alliance AGM go horrifically wrong when Rudy goads Peaches into a nectar-fuelled berserker rage. Maja and Saffron coordinate to execute some underhanded chicanery against the vampiric art mogul, but will their antics be enough to sway Bhavneet's judgement, and prevent the murder of another unfortunate classmate? Lucky for them Rudy has an ace in the hole.

Our detectives have located a piece of damning evidence suggesting Lucrezia Cortez was involved with an Outer Scientific ritual to ghostify Jane Doe. With the cabal of Grandpa Worshippers and Muertos Cultists haunting the school grounds, it's only a matter of time before their curiosity gets them in deathly trouble. But our detectives have one thing on their side the cultists don't: A hermit crab.

November 6, 2020

Report 19 - SFFRN

Al-Nadir's memories are badly scrambled, and it could take some time to restore them without badly hurting him. Meanwhile, Overlord makes dramatic progress with the SIM card phylactery and Daddy Olsson drops around for dinner.

Maja has retrieved Professor Al-Nadir's body from the cult, but with his memories removed through outer science, he might not even remember who they are, let alone the information they need. Saffron learns some new ways to use his spirit form, and Rudy turns up some clues about his missing hermit crab.

October 22, 2020

Report 17 - The Broom Closet

Rudy is dangerously close to indulging Neko's desire for more souls despite Maja and Saffron's protests. But how else will they fulfil their promise to the CAS? Our Investigators are now en route to rescue their Home Room teacher, Jabari Al Nadir, from Sunrise Produce's deprogramming facility: The Broom Closet.

Maja has uncovered the identity of the Art Club whistle-blower. It seems like Rudy's machinations have finally been stifled, but can the two work together long enough to raise Saffron from the dead? The ancient, evil cat spirit that devours souls is getting hungrier for Saffron's soul by the day. Together they'll penetrate the dark heart of the Computer Appreciation Society's internet cafe front: WonderLAN...

Saffron Spiritcaller is only kinda dead, so Rudy has stuffed Saffron's lifeless body into his locker in the Art Club. Together with Maja, and the assistance of the Computer Appreciation Society they're gonna dox Saffron back to life. But when the mole's identity is revealed during homeroom, plans to rez Saffron are delayed. Can Saffron attune to his new ghostly powers to save his skin, or will Neko claim yet another mouse?

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