July 2, 2020

Report 01 - Roll Call

Season 4! In this preliminary episode Shamus, Charlie, Aron, and Nick create fellow collegial students for their Breakfast Cult campaign. It's an introduction to the world of Breakfast Cult, and the sticky social circumstances that bind, alienate, and motivate their characters over the course of the campaign. Watch as our players struggle over names, bicker about who is the most popular, and make up salacious rumours on the spot in this lore-stuffed episode of RFE!

Saffron Spiritcaller, from the mountains of Hokkaido. This troublemaker means well, but his intense expression and enchanted "Void" sword tend to scare other students off. Saffron is played by



Rudy Asyari, from the arcology of New Makassar. Rudy came to the institute to sculpt, but quickly found himself embedded in the criminal empire that is the institute's Art Club. Rudy is played by



Sweden's own Maja Olsson II. Maja is the heiress to a wealthy alchemical dynasty and also GIOT's youngest ever Student Council President, two things that are of course not linked AT ALL. Maja is played by



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