Stuck in an alternate dimension, there is no one to call on for help when all hope is lost. As his teammates memories fade as the seconds tick by, The Magician will need to speed things up if they are ever going to make it back home. With Jacks mistrust of Alex, and Lakshmi’s chemically induced, psychogenic fugue state wreaking bloody havoc in the Lab, some things are easier said than done. After all, this is an alternate dimension, nothing done here matters! Nothing is real, there are no consequences! Right?

November 7, 2019

Issue 19 - Back to School

Mothman's hammer has smashed through Halcyon City's timeline, and now Jack and Lakshmi are victims of the Doggingsworth Diet - mind-altering drugs, propaganda, and algebra homework.
It falls to Alex to rescue his teammates, but with supervillains lurking around every corner of the academy that's easier said than done. Can The Magician convince his brainwashed friends of their true identities and roll back the effects of Mothman's hammer? Not even he knows.

This might be the end.

Nothing brings out the raw feral energy in people like Halloween does; so ghosts and ghouls alike will feel right at home for today's special OVA. Join Fitz, Sweeny, and Inkwell as they strive to save Beach City from the wrath of Count Dracula. What makes this Dracula so special? Well, unlike many other Draculas, ours comes with a compelling mayoral campaign and a cruise ship. So, how will three unscrupulously rowdy teens stand up to the Lord of Darkness and his army of political sycophants? Not very well probably.

Splitting up the team right before disaster strikes doesn’t seem to be a habit The New Wave is willing to break anytime soon. Without the guise of his heroic persona to aid him, Jack finds himself stuck between old and new enemies alike. Who - or what - are the Tricksters, and what do they have to do with the Doggingsworth Academy? Also, who let the Karens bring guns into a school's Open Day?

October 17, 2019

Issue 17 - Open Day

The Doggingsworth Academy's open day has finally arrived, and there is more than a simple Science Fair in store for The New Wave. Indoctrinated children, grisly members of the faculty, and nutty high school science experiments abound. Can our juvenile justicers keep Lakshmi's mother (and her mother's, well-meaning friends) safe from the superpowered, coked-up Neo-Nazi: Mothman? Tune in, and find out!

October 10, 2019

Issue 16 - Getting Dogged

With the almost flawless victory from Marker under their belt, our teens are left with little time to prepare before they face the Doggingsworth Children's Method Academy. While Jack takes the time to get to know both of his roommates, Lakshmi and Alex find themselves dragged back to the Bullpen. How will Jack react to a mentor that seems to have moved on? Will his insecurities - mixed with the whispered words of his symbiote - begin to fray at the fragile trust he has in his teammates? Only time will least until they face their next supervillain. The New Wave has fought villainy before, but can they ever be truly prepared for a Nazi Geneticist with Mothman Superpowers?

October 3, 2019

Issue 15 - Marker Madness

It’s their first supervillain after the Anomaly X attack; how will our frazzled team of teenagers handle the stress of success in the face of peril? Will doubt rear its ugly head and get in the way of what could be their first clean, and flawless victory? With the Magician on a no-damage-run of the battle, Adaptaur coming to terms with his live-in Aunty, and Shikari focusing on problems that aren’t her own... let’s just say the team has stacked the odds against themselves this time.
September 26, 2019

Issue 14 - Stakeouts at Staples

Signal Light has already come back to bite our collective asses. The 80s villain Marker - escaped from the Underprison - is out for Bullwark's blood. Tied up with the trials, he turns to our young heroes to take care of the problem quickly. Armed with a deadly perm and highlighters to match, this Killer Queen is about to get mean.

It’s been two weeks since Anomaly X was defeated by The New Wave, and a lot has happened in Halcyon City in the interim. The world now knows of Bullwark’s Underprison, as speedy trials are being conducted for all of the accounted for escapees. Shorthorn and Worldbuilder are still M.I.A, and with Bullwark and A.E.G.I.S tied up in court, there’s no one left to track them down. But what of our heroes? How are they coping in the aftermath? Can such rampant destruction, and political chaos be counted as a victory by three insecure teenagers?

September 12, 2019

Intermission: Signal Light

With the first arc of The New Wave having come to a close, it’s time to prepare for the oncoming storm; by brewing it up ourselves! Courtesy of Protean City Podcast, we will be borrowing the Signal Light worldbuilding system that was created by the Stop, Hack & Roll Network. While we give our heroes time to breathe after Anomaly X, players and GM alike shall carve out and mould the world anew. Listen along as we create heroes, villains, and catastrophic events that Nick will have the pleasure of throwing in our faces as The New Wave comes back to the fray next week.

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