Anomaly X threatens to obliterate Earth in a high speed collision, and a spaceship full of teenagers are the only ones who can stop it. The dimension devourer has some bizarre abilities it has yet to unveil, so The New Wave have a fight of cosmic proportions on their hands.

With only 12 hours before Anomaly X crashes into Earth, The New Wave must pull themselves together to save the world one last time. However, preparing to fight a solar-charged Anomaly X is no small feat, so that means the teens will need everything to go smoothly before the battle. After all, it's only 12 hours. Nothing bad could possibly happen in 12 hours that would severely implement their ability to fight a super-charged, multi-dimensional monster. Nothing bad at all.

March 19, 2020

Issue 37 - 12 hours

With Zeegark and The Pack successfully defeated, The New Wave have little time on their hands to find Angus a couch to crash on, and book Georgina a return flight home. They are barely out of the warehouse before they're all embroiled in a lover's tiff of intergalactic proportion. Bad rolls have bad tolls; let's see how our team handles a surprise encounter this time around...

The Invoker dives to the depths of Lady Daph's soul to try and help her regain control of the monstrous body she now inhabits, reaching out to the small girl deep inside. Meanwhile, Hyperdrive is left to wrangle Zeegark the Annihilator, Zeegark the Eviscerator, Shorthorn, Georgina, The Pack, and a Hyperdrive-inspired minotaur with a sword.

The New Wave have uncovered Zeegark's newest weapon of mass bloodsucking, and if they don't stop it then it's headed directly for the Spire. Lady Daph flexes her new super strength, while Hyperdrive finds himself in a duel of gadgets. The Invoker tries to separate Clavaria from her new host, but ends up splitting off more than he bargained for.

February 27, 2020

Issue 34 - Dog Hunt

Zeegark's trail has gone cold for Rook Industries, so the New Wave go back to doing what they do best - detective work. Lady Daph uses her image telepathy to scope out a secret hideout, while Hyperdrive leads an interrogation on an accomplice behind bars. The Invoker is still in crisis mode, however, and Lady Daph has finally had enough of it.

February 20, 2020

Issue 33 - Just a Little Hope

Now that the Underprison 3 is down to the Underprison 2, the New Wave take a break to collect themselves. Lakshmi sees her brothers for the first time since her transformation, while Hyperdrive meets with Fibre Optic to discuss the looming threat that is Solar Anomaly X. The Invoker takes the team out for lunch at Spiro's kebab shop, but his latest surge in fame leads to some difficult fan interactions.

February 13, 2020

Issue 32 - Keeping It Together

The Invoker's contract with Rook Industries comes with dozens of obligations and clauses, and Arthur Castle has sprung one in the form of a press conference. The team is reaching new levels of sleep-deprived and team morale is bad, with Hyperdrive still worried about The Invoker's protagonist delusions and Lakshmi reckoning with the fact that her secret identity is as good as gone. Nobody is even close to camera-ready right now, but the show must go on.

Within the halls of the maze that kept Pro Hero Bullwark trapped for three months, our intrepid heroes work to hunt down Ret-Con. Even with Fiber Optic guiding the way, the odds are stacked against them; Ret-Con - a villain even Bullwhark feared - will not be conquered easily. The New Wave will need to keep their wits about them if they are ever to make it out of The Hallways alive.

The Magician, Adaptaur, and Shikari are no more...The New Wave will never be what it once was. Alone and bleeding out, Hyperdrive must make his way out of the Underprison while Lakshmi and the Invoker come to his aid. With no time to adjust to her new body, Lakshmi must put rediscovering herself - and by extension her hero identity - on the back burner in order to save her friend, and Halcyon city once more.

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