February 13, 2020

Issue 32 - Keeping It Together

The Invoker's contract with Rook Industries comes with dozens of obligations and clauses, and Arthur Castle has sprung one in the form of a press conference. The team is reaching new levels of sleep-deprived and team morale is bad, with Hyperdrive still worried about The Invoker's protagonist delusions and Lakshmi reckoning with the fact that her secret identity is as good as gone. Nobody is even close to camera-ready right now, but the show must go on.

Within the halls of the maze that kept Pro Hero Bullwark trapped for three months, our intrepid heroes work to hunt down Ret-Con. Even with Fiber Optic guiding the way, the odds are stacked against them; Ret-Con - a villain even Bullwhark feared - will not be conquered easily. The New Wave will need to keep their wits about them if they are ever to make it out of The Hallways alive.

The Magician, Adaptaur, and Shikari are no more...The New Wave will never be what it once was. Alone and bleeding out, Hyperdrive must make his way out of the Underprison while Lakshmi and the Invoker come to his aid. With no time to adjust to her new body, Lakshmi must put rediscovering herself - and by extension her hero identity - on the back burner in order to save her friend, and Halcyon city once more.

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Evidently the Rook Industries machine is not to be trifled with, so what will the outcome be when Invoker uses it to heal a severely wounded Shikari? With a reluctant Hyperdrive standing to the side, Invoker is free to grab a hold of the reins of Shikari’s destiny in any way he sees fit. Let us all hope it is for the better...after all, every action has its consequences.
What exactly does the experimental Rookie machine do? As far as The Invoker is concerned, it simply enhances his pre-existing talents... But is that all there is to it? He will have to find out on the fly as Arch Lich Lanius Balsure, a Gothic Worm, and several armed missiles threaten the lives of everyone in Exemplar Park. These are the most threats the New Wave has ever tackled simultaneously. They are going to have to get over their grievances quick. Or Else.
January 9, 2020

Issue 27 - Bargaining Chips

For better or worse, the team is back together and all geared up just in time to save Shorthorn. Rook Industries obviously has their employees best interests at heart, as they prep the teens before take-off. Though, giving an unstable teenager an all-powerful, untested military-grade weapon right before he flies into battle probably isn't the most sound decision. To say Lakshmi and Jack are distrustful of their new pseudo-employers and their tech is an understatement, but when you have a supervillain to take down there isn’t much choice left.

January 2, 2020

Issue 26 - Meeting Sarah

So many choices and such little time; having regained the ability to truly think for himself for the first time in months, it seems Jack is at a loss. Does he stay with his estranged teammates, or will he run away once more to the distant shores of Australia? Before he can make any final decisions, he must save Shorthorn from the clutches of Mr Living before time runs out. With Lakshmi’s faith in the team failing, and Rook Industries vying for Alex’s loyalty, there is obviously only one solution to all of these problems: A Lunch Date!

Here it is, the conclusion to our thrilling Halloween Special: Sukeban Dracula! Right in time for Christmas as well. It’s Christmas Eve in Beach City, and three rebellious teens must somehow take down Dracula before the night is through. Even with the help of an eager Hellsing and his van, there is still an entire fish mafia between them and a vampire infested cruise ship. Just another typical holiday season in Beach City. So grab a cold one (or hot chocolate), unbutton your festively themed Hawaiian shirts (or slap on a sweater), and kick off your thongs (or grab a cozy blanket) because this one’s a chaotic present for you all. Happy Holidays!

What a way to start a 17th birthday! Not many teens request to have their limbs violently and unprofessionally removed for their birthdays, but luckily Jack is one of those people. As he and The Magician freefall towards the sidewalk below, Lakshmi returns just in time to greet a last-minute party guest. While no one remembers inviting a 10-foot tall wolf, it doesn’t take long to figure out that a certain, recently-estranged Aunt may be the one responsible for the party crashers.

The New Wave is no stranger to battle damage, but with no safe place to run to, and a teammate bleeding out fast, a usually simple situation quickly turns sour. With Lakshmi having just taken a strong stand against her authority as a mother, how will Mrs Deshpande react to a room full of bloody and wounded teens? Will the team be able to keep the remaining identities a secret? When a life is on the line, smaller things have a tendency to fall through the cracks of control. Let us hope this isn't the case for our young heroes.

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