It all comes down to this. Castaway on the open ocean, all that stands between our detentioneers and freedom is a turncoat, yokai stoner and her loving dad. Will our heroes open the Gate and portal to freedom from Ganymede Island, or will the Foundation wipe their memories and subject them to further future-proofing experiments? Tune in to the finale of our Breakfast Cult campaign and find out!

On April 15th, Real Fantasy Encounters delves into new stories... Heart, The City Beneath by #ttrpg #actualplay #tabletop #ttrpgpodcast #HeartRPG #HeartTheCityBeneath

Having freshly disembarked, and with no nautical experience between them, our teens must look within themselves to figure out a way home, if there even is a home left for them. After all, what home can be had when The Foundation is hell-bent on their erasure? Hopefully, the powers that be are on their sides.

Our detentioneers have levelled a luxury apartment complex in the Undercampus, and now must escape on a ferry they're not even sure is there. Maja pleads with Saffron to see reason, but it's no use. Until Saffron can recover the spirit blade from the burning wreckage, he is not leaving Ganymede Island. But the sword is on the move, and someone all too familiar has it in his possession...

February 18, 2021

Report 27 -To Stay or Go

The students descend into the undercampus intent on livestreaming the truth beneath the Institute and stealing whatever, and whoever, they can carry. Every second ticks toward doom for our detentioneers. Let's hope they're quiet enough, or audacious enough, to locate the dry dock and escape from Ganymede Island.

The detentioneers try and return to the school lives they had before the death of Kevin Fong, but none of them can rest easy knowing the secrets of the island. Maja approaches Overlord with an offer to turn whistleblower, Rudy and Bhavneet come up with a new criminal scheme, and Saffron seeks out a broken Professor Al-Nadir.

Saffron's soul is at stake as he and Neko continue to duke it out at the Ganymede Waste Processing Plant. Simultaneously, Rudy plots to escape from the subterranean Replacement Institute before having his memory completely wiped. After tonight, our gang's perception of reality itself is under existential threat. Can Maja rely on her father to smuggle them off the island, or will the influence of the Institute's Cleaners prove too much to resist?

Saffron is on a cultist slaying rampage, and if Maja can't stop him then they'll both soon be facing down the much greater threat of a Neko at full power. Rudy's rescue mission into the Broom Closet leads to a much deeper conspiracy buried underneath the island.

December 18, 2020

Report 23 - Phoenix Download

In the aftermath of Clampy's demise, Saffron is given the chance to rise from his digital ashes into the world once more. With Rudy held captive by cultists, it is up to Maja to retrieve Saffron's cold corpse, and prep it for resurrection. With time running out, and enemies closing in, there is no guarantee for success.

December 10, 2020

Report 22 - Goodbye Clampy

Rudy, Dash, and Mobile Saffron make their daring escape from Kaur Manor on the back of their giant hermit crab. Peaches pursues them on her crotch-rocket. Together they sow mayhem through Ganymede Student Village while Maja and Bhavneet plot bloody revenge against the people responsible for trashing her home. The end is in sight for our detectives, and it looks like there'll be a cabal of cultists and cleaners waiting for them when they get there.

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