October 10, 2019

Issue 16 - Getting Dogged

With the almost flawless victory from Marker under their belt, our teens are left with little time to prepare before they face the Doggingsworth Children's Method Academy. While Jack takes the time to get to know both of his roommates, Lakshmi and Alex find themselves dragged back to the Bullpen. How will Jack react to a mentor that seems to have moved on? Will his insecurities - mixed with the whispered words of his symbiote - begin to fray at the fragile trust he has in his teammates? Only time will tell...at least until they face their next supervillain. The New Wave has fought villainy before, but can they ever be truly prepared for a Nazi Geneticist with Mothman Superpowers?

October 3, 2019

Issue 15 - Marker Madness

It’s their first supervillain after the Anomaly X attack; how will our frazzled team of teenagers handle the stress of success in the face of peril? Will doubt rear its ugly head and get in the way of what could be their first clean, and flawless victory? With the Magician on a no-damage-run of the battle, Adaptaur coming to terms with his live-in Aunty, and Shikari focusing on problems that aren’t her own... let’s just say the team has stacked the odds against themselves this time.
September 26, 2019

Issue 14 - Stakeouts at Staples

Signal Light has already come back to bite our collective asses. The 80s villain Marker - escaped from the Underprison - is out for Bullwark's blood. Tied up with the trials, he turns to our young heroes to take care of the problem quickly. Armed with a deadly perm and highlighters to match, this Killer Queen is about to get mean.

It’s been two weeks since Anomaly X was defeated by The New Wave, and a lot has happened in Halcyon City in the interim. The world now knows of Bullwark’s Underprison, as speedy trials are being conducted for all of the accounted for escapees. Shorthorn and Worldbuilder are still M.I.A, and with Bullwark and A.E.G.I.S tied up in court, there’s no one left to track them down. But what of our heroes? How are they coping in the aftermath? Can such rampant destruction, and political chaos be counted as a victory by three insecure teenagers?

September 12, 2019

Intermission: Signal Light

With the first arc of The New Wave having come to a close, it’s time to prepare for the oncoming storm; by brewing it up ourselves! Courtesy of Protean City Podcast, we will be borrowing the Signal Light worldbuilding system that was created by the Stop, Hack & Roll Network. While we give our heroes time to breathe after Anomaly X, players and GM alike shall carve out and mould the world anew. Listen along as we create heroes, villains, and catastrophic events that Nick will have the pleasure of throwing in our faces as The New Wave comes back to the fray next week.

September 5, 2019

Issue 12 - Anomaly X

Alone in the Slaughterhouse with convicted felon Dr. Vampire, Lakshmi and The Magician will have to decide whether or not to trust in their moment of need. Adaptaur, still shaken after his takedown of Worldbuilder, seeks out Bullwark’s questionable confidence in order to realign his world views before midnight. The team is separated, Shorthorn and Worldbuilder are missing, and no one knows how Anomaly X is going to get out; it’s the perfect apocalypse. Let’s Begin.

With the catalyst to a slow and painful apocalypse drawing even closer, the New Wave will have to make some tough decisions in order to beat the clock. Both Dr Motham and Worldbuilder are in the homes of our heroes, threatening their families and secret identities. There is only enough time to face one final villain before Anomaly X arrives, so who will they end up facing? They need to make a choice and fast.

Anomaly X arrives tonight.

But where is The New Wave? Lakshmi is grounded, and a suspicious teacher from a mysterious boarding school is set on taking her brothers away. Alex's dad is back, but a reunion will have to wait because Mr Living's secretary has a stack of books for the young author to sign. Without a grenade gauntlet, Jack will have to turn to relics from Bullwark's dark past to safeguard Halcyon City's future.

The countdown begins...

Zombies and dragons and knights, oh my! Vastly outnumbered and overpowered, it’s time to get creative. Will the Magician be able to keep his identity a secret when challenged on Alex Matthews lore? Can Adaptaur make portals big enough for dragons? Can Shikari fight for justice and protect her brothers? With the lives of thousands of convention-goers at this year's HalcyCon on the line, The New Wave are going to have to be smarter than ever in order to save them all.

The day of HalcyCon is upon the team, and our three heroes find themselves deep within the throes of nerd-dom. Jack pitches his standalone T.V. series, Lakshmi struggles to keep track of her precious younger brothers, and Alex tries to find his flow without his sister by his side. This all seems simple, that is until a worldbuilding panel gets a little too literal.

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