Our delvers must survive the abhorrent Bloodbeast they have encountered on the slopes deeper into the Heart. There will be no time to lick their wounds. At the ski lift beyond is a packless Gnoll from the other side. Not everything is as it appears with this stranger, but not everything is as it appears with Muzz'el either... The bees have plans. Our delvers cannot be allowed to interfere...

Our Delvers return to the place where their fates became intertwined. Within lie unpredictable horrors, and the threat of bees and Bloodbeasts. Can our Delvers overcome the perils of the Reaperwood, or will Hyponikon's divine greed lead them to their deaths?

Our Delvers locate the Temple of the Moon Beneath, but without a shipment of swords to trade they are merely another band of foolhardy pilgrims. A merchant makes an open wager, and Hyponikon accepts... This merchant doesn't know what happens when you kill a Red Priest.

The current map of the heart our Delvers have

Map of the Heart from delve 03
April 29, 2021

Delve 02 - Delve Mommy

Our Delvers' first stop is the Sword Kitchen at the Temple of the Moon Beneath. But between them and the church is a zealot with a rifle and deep-set prejudice against pigeon-brained automatons. It's up to Moon's Chosen Light to negotiate the only way he knows how - with smoke and blood.

April 15, 2021

Delve 01 - Into the Heart

On our first Episode of Heart: The City Beneath we are introduced to our Delvers: a sordid assortment of displaced outcasts searching for meaning in the grotesque, cavernous reaches of the Heart. Moon's Chosen Light, the Heretic, hears the profane sirensong of the Moon Beneath calling to him; Muzz'el, the Deep Apiarist, seeks a cure for their twisted form of honeycomb and reunion with their familiar pack; and Hyponikon Screed, the Incarnadine, follows salt trails and scrimshaw carvings to the Rhinestone Skywhale, a grim reminder of his life of servitude in the Spire.

It all comes down to this. Castaway on the open ocean, all that stands between our detentioneers and freedom is a turncoat, yokai stoner and her loving dad. Will our heroes open the Gate and portal to freedom from Ganymede Island, or will the Foundation wipe their memories and subject them to further future-proofing experiments? Tune in to the finale of our Breakfast Cult campaign and find out!

On April 15th, Real Fantasy Encounters delves into new stories... Heart, The City Beneath by https://rowanrookanddecard.com/ #ttrpg #actualplay #tabletop #ttrpgpodcast #HeartRPG #HeartTheCityBeneath

Having freshly disembarked, and with no nautical experience between them, our teens must look within themselves to figure out a way home, if there even is a home left for them. After all, what home can be had when The Foundation is hell-bent on their erasure? Hopefully, the powers that be are on their sides.

Our detentioneers have levelled a luxury apartment complex in the Undercampus, and now must escape on a ferry they're not even sure is there. Maja pleads with Saffron to see reason, but it's no use. Until Saffron can recover the spirit blade from the burning wreckage, he is not leaving Ganymede Island. But the sword is on the move, and someone all too familiar has it in his possession...

February 18, 2021

Report 27 -To Stay or Go

The students descend into the undercampus intent on livestreaming the truth beneath the Institute and stealing whatever, and whoever, they can carry. Every second ticks toward doom for our detentioneers. Let's hope they're quiet enough, or audacious enough, to locate the dry dock and escape from Ganymede Island.

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